Thursday, 2 February 2012

Valentine Flower - Celebrate your Sweetheart with a Valentines Gift Basket Made at Home

Valentine's Day gift baskets, and more particularly homemade gift baskets, have acquired a fantastic popularity in the late years. Indeed, how exciting it is to receive a gift basket filled with all the products you love!

There are many reasons why giving homemade gift basket as valentine flower is the best option. The first reason being that you can tailor the gift basket to the taste of its recipient. The second one being that they allow to get a great variety of gifts at once.

If you're thinking of giving a gift basket this Valentine's Day, then I suggest you to read on:)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Valentine Flower - Send Us Evidence Of The Valentine Phantom In Your Town

This weekend, the mysterious phenomenon known as the Valentine Phantom, or valentine flower, will spread a simple message of love across the country. Like street art cupids, these Valentine Phantoms venture out in the night to place bright red hearts in highly visible places just before Valentine's Day for a very public display of affection. Apparently the tradition began in Portland, Maine, in the 1970s, gained a big following thanks to a "Kissing Bandit" in Boulder, Colorado, and has a very special place in the, um, hearts of Montpelier, Vermont, residents, where there's even a Valentine Phantom Phan Page.

See one of these hearts in your neighborhood? Or are you a phantom in disguise who wants to show off your work? Send us a photo of the best hearts found in your city this weekend, and we'll include them in a slideshow on Valentine's Day (that's Monday, and you're welcome for the reminder). Drop a link in the comments to your photo on Flickr and don't forget to denote the proper Creative Commons license so we can use it. Love ya!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Valentine Flower - Valentine's Day Is The Most Romantic Day Of The Year

Valentine's Day is almost here and you should put brains to decide what would be the most appropriate gift for Valentine's Day. If you did not flower this time, you can express your love with Valentine's Day flowers. If your girlfriend or wife knows that women love flowers Valentines. A loved one to love you more with a shower, if they succeed in choosing the best flowers for Valentine's Day.
Online flower shops offer a variety of Valentine's Day flowers, and therefore will have no problem selecting them. You can then choose to send flowers by post and surprise someone special. Be sure to choose an online florist to send fresh flowers by post Valentine's Day. If the service includes free flower delivery by mail, then you should opt for it.
Why do people send valentine flower in the mail? As you know, Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year. Therefore, on this day the best we can say it with flowers. There can be no other way to show you the best care. Many people consider it an act of love to send flowers by post. It is also a way of expressing how you feel about your girlfriend. If you want to be more romantic this year, then you can offer a bit of dark chocolate with flowers Valentine's Day. In fact, the flowers are some of the most popular gifts for a romantic occasion. Therefore, it can never go wrong with flowers Valentine's Day.
Choosing the right flowers for Valentine's Day can be easily confused. Now, here are some suggestions for you. Many people think that red roses are the flowers are only appropriate for Valentine's Day seriously. This makes the roses top the list of popularity when it comes to Valentine's Day flowers. Red roses are common choices, but the orange roses, white, yellow, pink and are very popular these days.
If the recipient is a person of elegant flowers, just flowers such as valentine flower. A person that fits the personality of the tulip is one that is so irresistible and spontaneous. The orchid flower is a popular, and it's better for someone who is mysterious, bold and exotic. Daisies are excellent Valentine flowers for those who are emotional sweet and loving. Lily bouquets are ideal for those who are always honest. If your partner is a very loyal person, then you can send a beautiful bouquet of carnations. Send flowers by post to the D-Day.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

valentine flower - How to host a singles-only party for Valentine's Day

Instead of cursing Saint Valentine this year, singles should celebrate him.

Just because you're unattached doesn't mean you have to feel confined to isolation island on Feb. 14. In fact, the holiday of love provides the perfect opportunity to connect with other singles.

"I would tell people that Valentine's Day is actually the best day to go out as a single because you get to know that anyone you're meeting out on that day is actually legitimately single," said Amber Soletti, co-founder of OnSpeedDating and Single and the City, two companies that host events for available New Yorkers.

One way to ensure socializing among singles is to plan a mixer for those without a Valentine this year. "I think what's always a cool idea is to maybe invite all your single friends but then have them each invite either an ex they're still friendly with or another single friend so that it's not just your core group that you're mixing with but that there's actually new people, outside people that you could potentially meet," Soletti said.

As for the setting, Alexandra Hedin, author of "Entertaining At Home" (Sea Script Company, $24.95), recommended holding the party where you live in order to achieve a laid-back atmosphere. "It makes it feel the most relaxed and comfortable and intimate and people feel like they can hang out," she said. "I think sometimes when you go somewhere it gets a little more intimidating. And especially if you're talking about Valentine's Day for singles."

Soletti also suggested reaching out to a lounge to host the party on Valentine's Day, which falls on a Tuesday this year. "That's typically an off night from the bars and stuff," she said. "So you can mention to them that you'll probably have 20 to 30 people and you could probably get a private area."

Decorations can become a tricky part of planning a Valentine's Day singles gathering. Hedin mentioned including certain traditional elements while excluding the most romantic. "Pink and red and purple are fun ways to spice up the house and make it not feel so dreary," she said. "But I probably wouldn't do hearts. I think just big bouquets of valentine flower. I think sometimes the food and candy is great for decorations too, especially at Valentine's Day. There's a lot of iconic candy that you can just fill a big dish with. It's a little more tongue in cheek and a little more fun than handing someone a big heart-shaped box of chocolates."

But hosts don't have to stick to a Valentine's Day-specific theme. "Do something out of the box and different," said Kristen Quackenbush, executive director of matchmaking for the Philadelphia-based company Master Matchmakers, in an email interview. "Instead of red roses and romance, make it a 'white' party or a beach theme."

Martie Duncan, party expert and blogger at Martie Knows Parties, suggested trying out her "Wine Around the World" idea. "It's great for a singles mixer party, especially if there are people who don't really know each other very well because everybody can bring a wine from a country they've either been to or want to go to and they can bring a dish that goes with it," she said.

While no single wants to be caught overindulging at the snack table or wet bar, it is important to offer guests refreshments. "Have some food on hand but you want to have sexy food like chocolate-covered strawberries or something that's really easy to eat and not gonna gross people out," Soletti said.

When it comes to alcohol, Hedin recommended keeping things simple. "I would always suggest a signature cocktail of some sort," she said. "Partially because it's fun to do something different and unique but also it cuts down a lot on your bar expenses and your bar knowledge if you just have one cocktail and then beer and wine."

While planning out the party, it's crucial to remember the whole point of the event - to get singles interacting. "You could have all those heart decorations and candy and stuff but if there's nothing really to do or icebreakers or things that are gonna get people engaged then it's kind of for naught," Soletti said.

Soletti suggested having guests participate in a scavenger hunt in which they have to answer questions about one another. "It's just a really good way to go up to people and be like 'oh where are you from?' and start these conversations," Soletti said. "You then would complete your form and turn it in for some kind of prize. It's usually very good and it gets people talking and learning about each other."

Of course, you can't expect every single to be excited to go out on the big day of love. For those who are feeling reluctant, emphasize that your party is a stress-free zone.

"I think the best way is just to really let your friends know that there's no pressure," Hedin said. "This isn't you trying to set them up with someone but that this is just a group of friends having a good time, recognizing Valentine's Day as a reason to celebrate the day but not necessarily to be in love. Just to take the pressure off the day,valentine flower I think, is the most important part for people who are single."

Thursday, 5 January 2012

valentine flower - Ideas for crafty, sugar-free classroom valentines

Every year when Feb. 14 rolls around, I feel like the biggest Scrooge (or at least his Valentine's Day equivalent valentine flower). It's only six weeks after the holiday tsunami of sweet treats, and I've usually just gotten my children back to the point where they'll accept apple slices as a snack. Another wave of candy, cookies and cupcakes sends me into fits.
But as the mom of two school-age children, I certainly won't deny them the fun of exchanging valentines with their classmates. It might have been three decades ago that I was decorating a cardboard "mailbox" for my cards, but I still remember the anticipation. And I also remember how much fun it was to get a little "something" in that box, instead of just a stack of cards featuring cartoon characters and bad puns.
So with Cupid's big day approaching, I went on a search for some cute, easy ideas for the school valentine flower exchange - ideas that featured a little "something," as long as that something wasn't candy. As usual, the wide world of craft and family blogs turned up a huge number of ideas.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

valentine flower - Best-Selling Author Elle Febbo Plans Valentine’s Day Celebration with 525 Inner City Youth & RIFSoCal

Best-Selling Author Elle Febbo, “What Love Is A-Z”, Plans Valentine’s Day Celebration with 525 Inner City Youth & Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California (RIFSoCal)

Los Angeles, Ca., January 3, 2012 — Best-selling author and Southern California resident, Elle Febbo, will be on hand to lead a special celebration of Love for the Self, valentine flower and for one another this Valentine’s Day at an inner city Los Angeles school. Joining the author and sea of students will be the executive staff and volunteer team from Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California.

Febbo is scheduled to read and discuss her book, “What Love Is A-Z”, as well as lead students through a project affectionately called, “The Love Jar Project”—a creative art experience focused on self esteem, self concept, kindness, and acceptance. “What Love is A-Z”, released last year through Infinity Publishing, has also recently been nominated for an award by the Film Advisory Board and also is positioned for an Independent Publishers Award (IPPY Award) in NYC this June of 2012.

The publication, “What Love Is A-Z”, has been used to raise funds for such organizations as the World Food Programme, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Orangewood Children’s Home, Reading Is Fundamental of So. Ca., valentine flower and the list goes on.

Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California (RIFSoCal) is an early childhood literacy organization dedicated to promoting literacy and motivating children to read by building age-appropriate at-home libraries for underserved children in Greater Los Angeles. Copies of “What Love Is A-Z” will be donated to the school.

To get in touch with Elle Febbo or to know more information

Monday, 2 January 2012

valentine flowers - Microsoft Small genius, on her deathbed

Arfa Karim Randhawa received that title when she was only nine years after he met Bill Gates tells. During the meeting she asked Gates whether Microsoft can work and children and why are so few women employed at the firm. She became interested in the computer age 5 years and has passed Microsoft's rigorous certification in 2004.valentine flower

According to information obtained from the local media, a teenager is in hospital in Pakistan, but her life is only supported devices. Doctors say that there is no chance that young to recover.

Arfa's father told the teenager had suffered a heart attack following a seizure that affected the brain. "Only a miracle could save my daughter, my little genius," he said. valentine flower